Eseu – Cat. A – Premiul II – Sophia Mantu ( 10 ani, Irlanda) – „A sheep adventure” si „THE LIGHTKEEPERS”

A sheep adventure

Once upon a time there lived 4 sheep named Criminal, Twisted leg, Cow-faced sheep and Unblinkable. They had gotten moved from the other sheep because they were too weird. But one day the sheep came up with an idea.

‘Hey, psycho sheep‘, that’s what Unblinkable called Criminal.

‘Stop calling me that name’, shouted Criminal.

‘I’m going to find a plan to get out of here’, mumbled Unblinkable.

‘Okay but just let me read my “Bach” book’!

‘Huh, you’re acting just like people, ugh.’

‘You know, people aren’t that bad’.

‘What? People drive like psycho monkeys!”

‘Would you stop saying the word psycho, you psycho sheep! I’m nearly done my 2001 pages from my “Haydn” book’, shouted Criminal.

‘I thought you were on your “Bach” book! Any explanations, huh huh HUH?!’

‘Yeah, I actually do’.

‘But…’, said Criminal in a squeaky voice.

‘I’m the smart one here so it’s kind of obvious’.

‘No one has ever insulted me so much’. `I’m so mad that I’m actually going to read    one of your stupid “Bach” books.”

‘They’re not stupid! Bach has musical adventures.’

‘Did you just say adventure?!?’

‘Sure did, matey’.

‘Well … I’m not interested then.’

‘Wait, where is my “Bach”book?‘, asked Criminal.

‘I have it’, said Unblinkable mouthful.

‘Are you eating my “Bach” book?’ exclaimed Criminal.

‘l only have two words: it’s …tasty’.

‘Don’t worry, l have 400 more copies of that’, announced Criminal.

‘What? I’ve been eating this identical copy that I printed for nothing?!

‘Yeah, kind of’, Criminal said casually.

‘Ewww’, said Criminal while spitting out the “Bach” book.

‘Do you not like my “Bach” book?!, screamed Criminal.

‘No, not really, its actually not that good’, replied Unblinkable.

‘What? “Bach” books taste delicious’.

‘Yeah, they taste delicious…NOT’, argued Unblinkable. ‘And one more thing, I challenge you to eat all your “Bach” books’.

‘Deal, and if I eat all of them you need to steal all the “Haydn” series for me’.

‘But why’, moaned Unblinkable.

‘I literally just explained to you why, and don’t make me explain again!’

‘Okay, explain again then’.

‘BEHBEHBEHBEH! I mean, no.’

‘Huh fine, I’ll get revenge one day’.

‘You know I heard you, right?’

‘That was something personal’.

‘Guys, would you stop arguing! I already spend my precious time saying “guys would you stop arguing”! explained Twisted leg.

‘Look, if you two are nice then I’ll steal the “Bach” books for Criminal.’

‘It was the “Haydn” series.’

‘Ah, who cares?’

‘I do.’

‘Would you stop interrupting me, huh? Now, where was I? Oh, l know, and steal the printer for Unblinkable’,  sputtered Twisted leg.

‘Ha, he knows what I want but he doesn’t know what you want, that means that he likes me more’.

‘Guys, like Twisted like leg is like right’, mumbled Cow-faced sheep.

‘Excuse me, my name is not Twisted like leg for your information’, argued Twisted like leg.

‘Hey, whoever is the narrator, my name is not Twisted like leg!’.

‘Of course your name is T-t-twisted l-like leg’.

‘Who said that?’, panicked Unblinkable.

‘Me-e, Lucy lamb’.’

‘Why are you in our stable, young Lucy?’

‘I need help with something important’.

‘And what would that be?’ queried Criminal.

‘I don’t know how to make a carrot cake’, explained Lucy.

‘We don’t know either’, confessed Unblinkable.

‘Then I guess we’ll all have to go to the Carrot Cake Master’.

‘First, we need to disguise ourselves so that we won’t be recognised on our journey. Luckily, I already have the costumes’.

‘You mean costumes made out of your wool?! I don’t think so!’, disapproved Criminal.

‘I have an idea! We could sell our wool and buy costumes with the money we get’.

‘Fine, smarty-pants.’

‘Hmm, Unblinkable… we have a kid with us’.

‘Oh, yeah’, said Unblinkable in slow motion.

‘Let’s just sell the wool alright’, shouted Criminal and all the others agreed.

Jumpers 100% wool (and definitely no tricks! NOR TICKS!)


  ‘We are finally finished plus we are rich now so that means that I CAN FINALLY BUY MYSELF THAT GOLDEN CAR!’ Unblinkable exclaimed excitedly.

‘Uh-hum… we are using that money for the costumes, remember?’

‘Oh…’, mumbled Unblinkable, ‘but can we at least get some candy, too?’

‘NO! We are all getting sunglasses and suits and that’s that!’

‘Sorry to break it to you but I have already ordered a trampoline’ Unblinkable dared.

‘You mean that old, dusty trampoline which has just been delivered and broke as soon as it was dropped to the ground?’

‘NOOOOOOOOO’ shouted Unblinkable.

‘Would you stop being so dramatic? Tell him, Lucy or I’ll run away forever.’

‘Anyway, let’s just set off for the Carrot Cake Master’.

On their way, they got hungry so they stopped at the Pizza parlour. There, they met a strange man. ‘I was looking for you’ was the last thing the sheep heard.

When they woke up, they were surrounded by all sorts of animals.

‘Sheep! In a Zoo!?’ whispered the lion.

‘Why are you whispering?’ asked Criminal.

‘Well, it’s inspection day, of course, and now the zoo is going to get closed because of you’, Lion said beginning to get annoyed.

‘That’s not true, you know, I’m actually a really fashionable person, I mean…sheep.’

‘You, a fashionable sheep? Pfft!’

‘Who said that?’ asked Lucy.

‘Me, the inflatable Dino, of course.

‘Where have you appeared from?’

‘Lucy, do not talk to that Dino, he said that I wasn’t fashionable’, Unblinkable intervened.

‘Wait! Where is Criminal?”

‘I’m down here’, a very high voice spoke.

‘Lucy, you are shrinking!’

‘You are shrinking, too!’

‘It probably was the man at the pizzeria’, exclaimed Criminal.

‘Yeah, that must be it, don’t you think, Unblinkable? Unblinkable?! UNBLINKABLE!!!

‘Guys’, shouted Unblinkable.

‘AAAGGGHHH’, screamed Lucy and Criminal at the same time.

‘Gee, you scared me, Criminal, I mean Unblinkable. You know, you almost look like brothers.’

‘But we ARE brothers!’ said Criminal.


Guys, guess what I saw!? So, there was this magical box and inside it there was this person who said: “If you find three sheep, you get 1000€.”

‘We need to find those sheep’, Unblinkable said enthusiastically.

‘Unblinkable, we are those sheep.’ Lucy slapped her face while eating a dry fig.

‘Lucy, you are growing’, exclaimed Criminal.

‘Unblinkable, let’s take a bite out of that dry fig.’

‘Okay, now that we are getting back to normal, we can set off.’

‘Criminal, it didn’t work!’

‘Hmph, I guess we’ll have to go on Lucy’s back.’

Just as they were climbing onto Lucy’s back, they heard a woman say: ‘Ooh, what a cute lamb, I’ll bring him to my husband’.

‘Huh, now we’ll have to start a new adventure… or not…?

Soon after they arrived at…their farm?

‘Hey, this is our farm!’

‘And the lady who has brought us here was the farmer’s wife!’

‘Guys, why is the car so squishy?’ said Lucy.


They got out of the car.

‘We are so happy to see you’, all the sheep called out with delight. ‘And, guess who our farmer has invited to spend a few days here? THE CARROT CAKE MASTER!’

“Mission accomplished!’       —————



“Bagel, come back or you’ll get hurt!” shouted the girl. But Bagel couldn’t stop running, he had to save those kittens!

The storm had taken everyone by surprise. The thunder and lightning had scared the kittens away.

Bagel had just about saved the kittens when he got struck by lightning. “Quick, bring him to the vet” was the last thing he heard before the sound faded out.

When Bagel woke up, he noticed a bandage around his paw and heard his owner say: “From now on, you’ll be a house dog”.

But one day, Bagel decided to show who he really was. So he set off to the world’s oldest Lighthouse. After two days of continuous walking, Bagel fainted of tiredness. When he woke up, he saw the most beautiful Irish red setter.

“Bagel, if you are going to the Lighthouse, you’ll need me” she whispered to him.

“How do you know my name and where I am going?”

“I know your name because I was a friend of your sister’s”.

“I had a sister?”

“You didn’t know? She was very nice but went to live far away”.

“And how did you know that I was going to the Lighthouse”.

“I was just hoping you would… I’ve always wanted to go there…”

“Why didn’t you then?”

“Because I heard that once someone went in they never came out”.

“Why were…never mind, let’s just set off”.

After many days, they finally saw the lighthouse in the distance. As they approached it, they heard whimpers coming from inside. They nearly wanted to turn back but something was telling them to go in. When their eyes got used to the dark inside, they spotted five beautiful little puppies cuddled together for warmth.

From that day on, they made the Lighthouse their home and lived happily with their five pups, Light, Lumina, Luce, Lumière and Léas.


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